(prices apply exclusively to our store in Golsvordijeva 5)

Rooibush Natural

Rooibush(or rooibos) is a plant that originates from South Africa. It’s colour is red(hence the name), it has a pleasant taste, and it is rich with various minerals such as zink, mangane and magnesium. It contains no coffeine, which is why it is recomended to everyone, regardless of age.

Price: 425 din/100gr 220 din/50gr

Ice Age

A mixture of rooibush, lemongrass, lemon peel, mint, safflower blossoms and orange blossoms. Peach-lime flavour.

Price: 450 din/100gr 235 din/50gr

Summer Breeze

A mixture of rooibush, pear bits, sultana raisins, dates, carrot, rose hip, mallow flower and lemongrass. Refreshing taste of grapefruit, strawberry and orange.

Price: 520 din/100gr 270 din/50gr

Rooibush Orange(organic)

А mixture of rooibush and orange peel. Orange flavour.

Price: 690 din/100gr 360 din/50gr

 Rooibos Caramel (NEW)

Delightful and sweet mixture of rooibos and caramel pieces. A perfect mixture of light earthy notes and soft sweetness.

Price: 520 din/100gr 270 din/50gr



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