Mao Feng Supergreen

Caracterized by leaves from the middle of the plant, and a large number of buds. Extreme freshness for beginers and experts alike.

Price: 860 din/100gr 450 din/50gr

Darjeeling Makaibari SF FTGFOP

А fine Second-Flush Indian black tea from the province of Darjeeling, from the traditional garden of Makaibari with an aromatic, nutty cup. A great tea for the afternoon hours.

Price: 1265 din/100 gr 665 din/50gr

Chun Mee

А Chinese green tea of a fresh, dry character which has long found its position in the tea landscape.

Price: 570 din/100gr 295 din/50gr

Rooibush Orange

А mixture of rooibush and orange peel. Orange flavour.

Price: 690 din/100gr 360 din/50gr

Japanese organic Matcha

Powdered green tea of the highest quality.

Price: 2,020 din/40g

”Beautiful skin” (Out of stock)

Organic mix of different fruits(apple pieces, raspberry pieces, bluberries), and spices(sage leaves, rosemarry), along with a few others, with no added aromas and flavours.

Price: 825 din/100g  433 din/50g

“Good day” tea (NEW)

Organic mix of green tea, mate and herbs (basil, eucalyptus, mint) as well as beetroot and turmeric.

Price: 655 din/100g  345din/50g

“Good night” tea (NEW)

Organic mix of ginger, cardamom seeds, cinnamon, clove and black pepper.

Price: 655 din/100g  345din/50g

Children’s tea

Organic mix of apple pieces, rosehip and hibiscus.

Price: 474 din/100g  250din/50g

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