Nai Xiang Wu Long

Its name ”Nai Xiang” means ”fragrant milk”. Due to its drying process, this tea posses a characteristic scent and taste of milk, that makes it immensly popular among tea lovers. It allows for multifusion, and the liquid it produces is yellowish-green.

Price: 1780 din/100gr 935 din/50gr

Chin Chin

Although cultivated in Sumatra, it can be said to possess all the atributes of a typical Chinese oolong, with its characteristcly aromatic taste, and a distincive, fruity note.

Price: 1,010 din/100gr 540 din/50gr

Mei Gui(rose) oolong

This rarity from China is a traditional oolong tea with a hint of rose. The tea itself is mixed with rose buds.

Price: 1516 din/100gr  796 din/50gr

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