Mate Green

Мate leaves make up the national drink of the south-american countries. Full, balanced flavour.

Price: 430 din/100gr 230 din/50gr

Mate Cool & Fresh

А mixture of Mate green, lemongrass, lemon peel, peppermint, natural lemon aroma. Fresh citrus flavour.

Price: 470 din/100gr 250 din/50gr

Aloe Vera & Ginseng Anti-Aging

А mixture of green Mate, liquorice root, Ceylon cinnamon bits, fennel, lemon verbena, aloe vera, stinging nettle, red currant leaves, peppermint and ginseng. Refreshing red currant flavour.

Price: 750 din/100 gr 395 din/50gr

A Thousand and One Rose

A mixture of barberries, pomegranate cores, seabuckthorn pomace, rose petals, rose hip, rose hip cores, cinnamon pieces, blackberry leaves, green oat, peppermint leaves. Light fruity rose-cinnamon flavour.

Price: 740 din/100gr 390 din/50gr


Camomile has a profound relaxing effect. It soothes stomach problems, and releives cold symptoms.

Price:  205 din/ 50gr


Spearmint tea helps clear air pathways of the body, helps digestion, and is beleived to act against headaches and insomnia.

Price:  112 din/ 50gr

Mint(whole leaf)

Unlike the regular spearmint tea, whose leaves are cut, these leaves are harvested whole. However, it is recomended to grind them with your fingers before steeping in water, in order to get a fuller taste. This will also give your fingers a nice smell.

Price: 59 din/25g

Hibiscus (Out of stock)

Hibiscus tea lowers blood preassure, protects the heart and acts as a strong antioxidant.

Price: 146 din/100gr  77 din/ 50gr

Linden flower

Favoured for its sweet and pleasant taste, this tea reduces tension in one’s nerves, and is said to act in other beneficial ways, such as lowering blood pressure and preventing blood clots.

Price:  112 din/ 50gr

Winter savory

A plant very well known for its healing properties, winter savory has been used for centuries in treating respiratory problems as well as urinary tract infections.

Price: 146 din/100gr  77 din/ 50gr

Lemon Balm(Melissa)

This tea possesses a mild citrusy flavor, with a dash of mint, while producing a soothing effect on the nerves. It is reccomended for consumption in the evening hours due to its relaxing feature.

Price: 77 din/40g

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