(prices apply exclusively to our store in Golsvordijeva 5)

Mao Feng

Caracterized by leaves from the middle of the plant, and a large number of buds. Extreme freshness for beginers and experts alike.

Price: 530 din/100gr 280 din/50gr


An allround balanced tea with a refreshing, aromatic flavour and a golden-yellow cup.

Price: 473 din/100gr 250 din/50gr


Caracterized by large leaves harvested from the lower parts of the plant. Suitable for all times of day, due to its low caffeine and high calcium content.

Price: 560 din/100gr 295 din/50gr


Small and carefully rolled spherical leaf with a fine dryish cup that leaves a taste of cleanliness in one’s mouth.

Price: 465 din/100gr 245 din/50gr


A mixture of sencha and roasted wholemeal-rice, soft, sweetish cup.

Price: 600 din/100gr 320 din/50gr

Long Jing

”Dragon’s Well”. One of the highest quality Chinese teas. Delicate smell, soft and nutty flavour .

Price: 1 030 din/100gr 540 din/50gr

Assam Green(Jongtolliee) TGFOP1

Such a soft and fruity character is a little unusual for green Assam teas – but most enjoyable. The leaf is tender green and tippy.

Price:  656 din/100gr  345 din/50gr

Chun Mee(organic)

А Chinese green tea of a fresh, dry character which has long found its position in the tea landscape.

Price: 570 din/100gr 295 din/50gr

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