Green tea mixed with young jasmine petals that give it it’s fine aroma.

Price: 670 din/100gr 350 din/50gr

Tea of Desert

A mixture of green tea with rose petals, with a mango, yellow peach and citrus aroma.

Price: 524 din/100gr 275 din/50gr

Moroccan tea

A very refreshing mix of green GUNPOWDER tea and peppermint leaves.

Price: 580 din/100gr 305 din/50gr

Eight Treasure

Мixture of Japanese green teas with red and yellow rose buds, rose petals, chrysanthemum flowers. Dragonfruit-pear-melon-flavour.

Price: 550 din/100gr/290 din/50gr


Green tea, ginger bits, sunflower petals. Ginger flavour.

Price: 555 din/100gr 290 din/50gr

Forest fairytale (NEW)

Magical mix of green sencha tea with pieces of strawberry and raspberry, which exudes the sweet taste of these berries.

Price: 550 din/100gr 270 din/50gr

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