(prices apply only to our store in Golsvordijeva 5)

Tea for lovers

A mixture of black tea, apple, almond, cinnamon and ginger. An attractive and delicious tea.

Price: 433 din/100gr 227 din/50gr

English Breakfast Tea

A mixture of teas from the Assam province of India, Ceylon and Sumatra. The leaves are broken, making this tea very aromatic and sharp. With some milk and sugar, it makes for an exellent replacement for coffee in the morning.

Price: 524 din/100gr 275 din/50gr

Tea for Lords

An attractive Earl Gray with a very strong scent of bergamotte and blue mallow petals.

Price: 485 din/100gr 255 din/50gr

Earl Grey Imperial

Traditional British mix, based on back tea and bergamotte aroma. This exquisite tea has a relaxing effect on the consumer.

Price: 720 din/100gr 380 din/50gr

Dublin Cream

A mixture of black tea, roasted coffee beans and jasmine petals. Coffee-cream flavour.

Price: 720 din/100gr 380 din/50gr

Bourbon Vanilla(NEW!)

Black tea, mixed with real Bourbon vanilla pieces.

Price: 720 din/100gr  380 din/50gr

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