Тea characterized by very dark leaves and compact liquid, the colour of copper.

Price: 430 din/100gr 225 din/50gr

OP Nuwara Elya

Тea of aromatic and brisk taste and high quality, that leaves a sense of freshness long after drinking. It fulfills all the expectations of a top Ceylon tea.

Price: 570 din/100gr 299 din/50gr

Golden Yunnan

Known for its capability to wake one up in the morning without aggravating the nervous system. Characterized by an abundance of goldish buds, and a strong coloured liquid.

Price: 720 din/100gr 380 din/50gr

Assam Budla Beta

Coming from the Assam region in India, its glowing golden tips riddle a well-worked leaf. A tea with a wonderful cup.

Price: 995 din/100gr 520 din/50gr

Lapsang souchong

This tea gains its unique caracter from the smoke of high quality chinese wood.

 Price: 560 din/100gr  300 din/50gr

Darjeeling Makaibari SF FTGFOP1(organic)

А fine Second-Flush Indian black tea from the province of Darjeeling, from the traditional garden of Makaibari with an aromatic, nutty cup. A great tea for the afternoon hours.

Price: 1 265 din/100 gr 665 din/50gr

‘Russian’ blend(NEW)

This blend is produced after an old recipe. It has a slightly smoky note and can be used in a samovar.

280 din/100g  147 din/50g

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