Kuća Čaja is the first ever Serbian brand that made it it’s duty to educate citizens of Belgrade, as well as of entire Serbia, about probably the oldest, and globally the most popular world’s beverage. Belgrade’s first tea house is opened in 2003 in Mileševska street, in the municipality of Vračar, one of the oldest city’s districts. It attracts visitors from all parts of town, as the first store of its kind, where visitors can enjoy a cup of tea in a smoke free environment, as well as bring their favorite kinds home.

For the first time, our public is offered a selection of over fifty different kinds of tea, starting from pure teas(green, black, white, oolong…), through herbal blends imported from distant corners of the planet(South America-mate tea, South Africa-rooibush tea…etc), to interesting and unusual fruit blends, made out of a wide array of quality ingredients. In a pleasant, easy-going atmosphere, visitors are greeted and chatted-up by an obliging and educated staff, willing to explain all the intricacies of producing a perfect cup of tea, and sharing their knowledge of tea’s significance in the history, culture and art of the East, where it originated thousands of years ago.

Nearly eight years later, Kuća Čaja opens its next tea house in Mišarska street, roughly the same neighborhood as the first one, this time a little more spacious and with more content, but with the same end-goal: to keep spreading the culture of tea-drinking as one of the traits of a healthy lifestyle and allow our public to find world’s finest teas in the very heart of Belgrade.

Finally, in late 2014, we find ourselves at yet a new location, still in Vračar district, close to the famed Kalenić open market, still offering an ever growing number of teas and accessories…

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